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Friday, February 22, 2013

How to quit your job with NO website, NO product...


One of the biggest challenges to having your own
successful online business (one that will allow you
to fire your boss)...

... is that you need to do a LOT of technical stuff.

The learning curve is often too big, even though
all the other 'marketing gurus' will tell you otherwise.

But you and I know that's b.s.

Think of all the challenges to making money online...

You first need to have a product that enough people
will WANT to buy.

You then need to create a website, and design it in
such a way that will be compelling to the visitor...

... with all the links, landing pages, shopping cart,
merchant account, sign up forms, privacy policy,
disclaimers, contact info, graphics, tracking, etc.

And you also need to pay for hosting (often a LOT).

And you need good enough 'copywriting' so people will
pay attention on your site and not LEAVE quickly
(which is usually what happens).

And then there's the whole 'compeition' thing...

If it's a highly competitive market online and everyone's
fighting for traffic...

It can be VERY difficult to make any money at all.

Well... what if I told you a young, wild, and super
successful guy in Vegas has found the ultimate solution?

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Talk about a goldmine with NO competition!

And the best news?

He shows people like YOU how to access his system and
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- A "product" that has a BILLION dollar demand, and
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- All the content, graphic, links, shopping cart, etc.
  already set on your site and working like a well oiled

- And because he's struck a deal with the "product
  creator", you get to offer it at a huge discount
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- You DON'T have to pay for some expensive hosting-
  all you do simply login with your username and
  password, check your stats and fire away.

- You also get an award-winning team of customer
  supporters, 'sellers', and marketers to do bulk
  of the work for you.

All you do is tell people about your site, and
generate some traffic to it online...

... which is easy to do once you learn his system
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And that's it.

Many of his students have been quitting their jobs
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And he's opened the doors for a VERY limited time
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But, you MUST keep it a secret and not share
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He's given me permission to allow people on MY email
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Take advantage while you can!

To your success,

- Cris Coleman

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Easter and Good Friday

Jesus died on the cross. Jesus was nailed onto the cross. Yes, He was nailed to it. Have you ever taken an injection shot? Do you remember the feeling of pain that comes with a very thin needle? That also is taken away within few seconds. Now imagine getting hit with a large spike and the nail crossing through your palm, a thick nail and you are left to bleed. Now imagine the pain.

Pain, intense pain, yes, death by intense pain and Jesus died with that. By laws of science, I don’t know how much of His weight was taken by His palms, but even if the weight taken was a fraction of his body weight, the pain would been much more. And Jesus died on the cross, bearing his own weight with his palms, bleeding. Left to bleed in the afternoon sun.

Good Friday was the day He died. I read somewhere that earlier it was called God Friday.  He resurrected on Easter Sunday. If one goes through the work and the teachings of Jesus, they will find nothing but selfless giving and miraculous cures. Jesus could cure miraculously because He was Son of God. But did He enjoy any material comforts? Any pleasures? His life is nothing but a chronicle of a man who suffered, but took away sufferings of others. Even His death was a very painful death.

What does Jesus’ life teach us? It teaches us not to give suffering to others but take it ourselves. It teaches us to comfort others. It teaches us selfless giving. It teaches us to forgive even if extreme pain is inflicted upon us. It teaches us to love all and hate none.

Let us celebrate Easter Sunday. Let us remember the teachings of Jesus Christ. Let us spread peace in the world. Let us start giving selflessly. Let us live selflessly. Let us all spread goodness, happiness and cheer in the world. Let us all work to remove hatred and vice from this world.

As far as I have read Easter comes from the pagan holiday Ishtar named after Isis - the goddess of fertility. the ancient Egyptians invented this holiday and it made its way into Christianity.  The eggs symbolize fertility.

Here is a post from the net I borrowed to explain it better:

The Easter bunny comes from the pagan goddess Eostre who was the personification of spring. Every year on March 21 Eostre would return to the forest and bring with her flowers and sunshine and warmth. The woodland creatures loved her so much that they tried every year to give her special presents. One year the rabbit decided that he would give Eostre the best present ever, bur she couldn't decide what to give her. She sat and thought for a very long time and still she was stumped. Finally after thinking for days and days she suddenly laid a beautiful egg. She gave Eostre the egg as her gift, and ever since the Easter bunny brings beautiful eggs. Mythologically speaking, the spring equinox which is near Easter is a fertility festival, bunnys and eggs have much to do with fertility, anyone who doesn't see that connection can ask for more clarification.


Friday, February 08, 2013

Fast Perfect Easy Lasagna No-Boil (Non-Ricotta, Venison or Beef)

Here is my personal recipe I have devised because I cannot stand ricotta cheese lasagna.  Now, Ricotta cheese has it's uses and can be very tasty but not in lasagna in my opinion - too gritty.

  Here is what you will need.

  • 2 lbs Lean Ground Beef (or venison)
  • Two Jars of your favorite Spaghetti Sauce
  • 1 box of lasagna noodles regular or gluten free (no need for no boil noodles)
  • 1 large carton of small curd cottage cheese
  • 2 cartons of sour cream
  • one small package of frozen spinach (optional)
  • 2 lbs of mozzarella cheese
  • 1 large onion chopped (optional)
  • 1 can mushrooms (optional)
  • 2 Tbs dried oregano
  • 1 Tbs Italian seasoning
  • 2 cloves finely chopped garlic (more or less to taste)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp ground black pepper
  • 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes (more or less to taste)
  • Parmesan cheese 
  • parsley flakes for the top for garnish (optional for looks only)
  • aluminum foil

DO NOT BOIL THE NOODLES - The noodles will cook with the moisture in the mix!!

In a large mixing bowl combine the cottage cheese, sour cream, and 1/4 of the mozzarella, mix well.
Set aside.

Cook the meat, the onions, garlic, oregano, and all dry ingredients(spices) thoroughly.
If you are adding the mushrooms and the spinach, add them now.
Add the spaghetti sauce to the meat mixture.

In a large 9 x 13 baking pan layer the mixtures starting with the meat mixture first, then a layer of noodles - arrange them so they completely cover the meat mixture but only one layer, then a layer of the cheese mixture about 3/8 of an inch thick or less, then another layer of noodles, then meat mixture, then noodles, then cheese mixture, then noodles, then the rest of the meat mixture and finally the rest of the mozzarella cheese over the top.  Bake at 350 for one hour tented with aluminum foil to keep the cheese from browning prematurely then another 15 to 30 more minutes to brown the cheese.

Take out of the oven and let stand for at least 30 minutes before cutting sprinkle with Parmesan Cheese, and parsley flakes.

Your family will love this recipe guaranteed - and so will you - it is soo fast and soo easy!!

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The Meaning Of Valentines Day Flowers

Nothing says it is Valentine’s Day better than red roses. The meaning of Valentine’s Day flowers with red roses is love. It is an ideal, but unoriginal, way of telling her that you love her without saying a word. You have to have the mindset of what type of flower arrangement, including color and type of flower, would personalize her best. When choosing flowers for this lover’s holiday, do keep in mind the type of person that you are buying for. Roses come in a variety of colors and meanings. While the red rose is all for love, the yellow has a meaning of friendship and the pink is all about happiness.

Valentine’s Day is by far the most romantic of the holidays. While red roses are a favorite of this holiday, they also have a strong meaning of passion. That is what these fragrant gifts should convey for the meaning of Valentine’s Day flowers. This holiday is one of two holidays in which flower giving is the most popular. The other holiday is Mother’s Day. Giving flowers is a token of your affection to the one that you love.

Give a bouquet to your special valentine. She will know instantly that you thought of her first on this holiday and hopefully her sentiment is the same for you. You both will be bursting with love and this day will be forever remembered. Now we have discussed the red rose as an option for Valentine’s Day. It is a flower that has been given over and over again and has lost some of its love appeal. Consider a sunflower for the person in your life. The meaning of this Valentine’s Day flower is admiration. Your special someone will feel adored by you all day long. How about a For-get-me not? This flower means true love. You could not say it any better. A tulip given on Valentine’s Day has a meaning of the perfect lover. Now that is a desired compliment.

The meaning of Valentine’s Day flowers can be what ever you would like. The person receiving them will get an overwhelming feeling of appreciation that you thought of them on this day. No matter what type of flower you give her, one thing is for sure, she will love the thought behind this gift that speaks ever so loudly to the heart without ever saying a word.

For more information on different flowers and their meanings please visit this link:


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