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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Over the Railing Planters

We just put a new deck on last fall and we wanted to dress it up a little with some flowers this spring. We looked and looked at different flower boxes to attach to the railing of the deck; none of them were very appealing to the eye. I thought about building some out of cedar and started checking on the prices of the lumber to build one, the price of cedar is outrageous so we settled, we thought. It turns out that we saved a lot of money and are very happy with what we went with.

We bought two "Over the Rail Hangers" that a Terra Cotta or "Clay" pot will fit into they were very reasonably priced and we already had the pots at home for them. They were about $5.00 a piece, look very nice, and there was no need to put any screws into the deck railing. They are made out of 1/8th steel rod and are powder coated white, they had black also but it was two dollars more....I cant say the name of the store but it rhymes with berna

My three year old daughter and I planted some flowers and are waiting for them to come up. She is so excited.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shed Antler Hunting

   It's that time of year again when we try to beat the mice and raccoon to the sheds we treasure. Whether you use them for crafts or to see the progression of your favorite elusive buck your after, these great treasures of nature are wonderful to find. It is nice to get out into the woods after a long winter indoors. To walk in the woods and watch that squirrel wake up and chatter at you as if he remembers you being in his favorite tree during deer season, is a great feeling. I usually just grin at him and watch him root around for a few minutes as he looks for that nut he buried last fall that his built-in GPS is relocating for him. 

    Shed antlers can bring you money to, if you are so inclined to sell them.

    Be sure to have your binoculars and a camera just in case you come across something you feel is just to perfect to pass up without a photo. This is a good time to start setting up your trails for the upcoming season also. Watch for fast growing saplings and briar's growing on the trails that will deter your deer and remove them before they get started.  

Happy hunting and please respect nature.


Friday, March 09, 2012

More Posting Please

I have had a few people asking why I quit blogging. I have been very busy with home projects and all of my time has been consumed. We are trying to refinance. Our current bank (BOM) charges monthly pmi and outrageous flood insurance coverage. A new bank that I looked into doesnt charge pmi and requires a reasonable flood insurance coverage. Saving us about $200.00 a month. There are many ways to reduce your monthly expenses and we were exploring our options. So we will be able to save and have a decent down payment for our new dream home we are going to build. Its amazing what a few Google searches will turn up.

Making Your Website Make You Money

There are many ways to make money online. One way is to create a website. There are many different ways to make money with a website also. I will tell you a few ways to accomplish your internet money making dreams with a website.

First make a website about something you are passionate about or to sell a product that you may have s to sell.
§ Use a free web hosting agent or a paid one, it doesn't matter.
§ There is no requirement as to how you set up your website just make it easy to navigate and easy to look at.
§ There is no need to know HTML code to create a webpage - those days are gone. It is all point and click now and anyone can make a professional looking website.
§ Choose the format that best fits your needs for example, whether or not you will need a shopping cart or if you are accepting donations etc.

Next market your website. There are many ways to market your website as well.
§ There are companies that will sell you mailing lists and you could send out post card junk mail mailings promoting your website in any demographic area you want. I would name a few but I am not sure of my rights to do so. But an easy internet search should turn up a few for you.
§ There are all kinds of sites that will ping your site to the main search engines, it's easy to sign up and most are free. All you do is put your URL and email info in and hit the button marked ping and its done
§ You can promote your site by commenting on blogs and leaving a link to your site in your comment. Please be sure to leave an actual comment about the blog you read and not just use it as an advertising tool.
§ Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites are proving to be powerful marketing tools as well.
§ I have seen posters on telephone poles advertising websites. Seems crude but I found my curiosity raised a few times by them.
§ Radio is very good and relatively inexpensive also.
§ Television gets a little pricey but a lot of people watch tv.
§ POD casts are good to.
By now your site should be up and running and generating some traffic. Now is a good time to monetize your site. There are several ways to do this also.
§ One way is to advertise for other people or what is called affiliate marketing.
§ CPC (cost per click) Advertising networks such as Google Adsense, Yahoo Publisher Network, Bidvertiser, Chitka, and so on.
§ Banner advertising by selling space on your site to others who would like to advertise on your high traffic site.
§ RSS FEED ads these are relatively new and possibly a good way to get out there.
§ Some companies will even pay you to let them run surveys or web polls on your website.
§ Of course there is selling your product, whether it be a craft or a product of your hobby or some sort of how to e-book, whatever you are selling.
I hope this was helpful, please comment below and leave a link to your site if you want…